Presence of a poem...

  • Empathy
    12 years ago

    This is an issue that has been bothering me lately. I don't believe it to be writer's block but it has the similar effect. Lately I rarely write poems, and if I do, I try to think of something and just write it out, but it never seems to come out the way I intend it. Part of the reason why I restrict writing so often is to avoid becoming trite and repetitive with my work.

    The most memorable poems I write I usually ponder about for a long period of time, or they come naturally over some type of event that intrigues me. Yet lately I can't really find any motivation.

    So my question is, I just wonder exactly what is truly ideal to do. I find it doesn't do to force the act of poetry, as in most cases it doesn't work, but maybe I just need to condition myself into a different habit of writing?

    Please, leave your thoughts for I would greatly appreciate any advice.

  • Beautiful Chaos
    12 years ago

    On rare occasion I actually plan out what I am going to write, usually I just fly by the seat of my pants. If I have a hard time when I am in the mood to write, I read, listen to music, browse titles and see what comes to me, sometimes I might only think of a few lines, so I save them for later.

  • Ed or Ian Henderson
    12 years ago

    If you're forcing poetry out, it's no longer fun. I often think when people worry about forcing it, or running out of ideas, or having writers block, that they feel they have some obligation to output or content. This is not the case unless you're doing it for educational or professional purposes.

    If it stops being fun, stop doing it. It will in time be fun again. I've been writing for over 25 years and it's never not been fun for more than a few months.