Site and Forum Rules - Please Read

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    11 years ago

    Site/Forum Rules:

    1. Most important rule: be respectful to other members. You can debate and disagree without being disrespectful. Failure to be respectful may result in penalties. Minor swear words will be tolerated if not directed at other members, and if not used excessively.

    2. Do not post any personal information - your full name, address, email address, myspace/facebook information, phone number etc. anywhere in the forums or in your profile. Also, do not use anyone else's personal information - whether they are a member of this site or not.

    3. Do not report plagiarized poetry in forums - please complain on the poem with a link to show this poem's original author.

    4. Please use the "edit" feature rather than making consecutive posts.

    5. What's said in a club, stays in a club. Sharing links/information and "hacking" into another club or the PM system will not be tolerated and will result in suspension. If there is an issue or you need something handled that cannot be handled within the club, message a mod.

    6. Any profanity within the heading of a thread will result in deletion of the thread.

    7. Posts with all caps will be deleted without penalty, unless the offender has been warned repeatedly.

    8. Avatars must be all-age appropriate. Violators will be warned and given 24 hours to change their avatar. Failure to do so will result in penalty.

    9. If you are suspended, you must appeal (send email to Do not create another account to ask why you were suspended or continue to post on the forums. Predators and literary thieves do not qualify for an appeal.

    10. No profanity or offensive tags in your screen name are permitted.

    11. Rules may be dealt with on a case by case basis depending on the severity of the offense and member's background. The interpretation and implementation of the rules and the severity of penalties is at the total discretion of the moderators.

    12. Anyone who brings up a member's past errors that have been dealt with by the mods or anyone who brings up allegations that have been dealt with by the mods for the purpose of harassment or stirring up site drama will be penalized henceforth.

    13. Most rules apply to the PM system. Do not solicit votes or comments within private messages.

    14. At 100 posts, threads are locked. Feel free to start up a new thread with the same topic.

    15. All posts must be in English or with a direct translation attached.

    16. You may only be a member of one club.

    17. Club managers may deny you membership or cancel your membership without explanation. Please do not harass club managers.

    18. You are allowed an alternative account so long as it is not used as an alias. Provide your identity in the profile of the alternate account by means of not misleading PnQ members.

    -Rules are subject to change at any time.


    1) If a member is penalized for breaking a rule(s) and would subsequently be penalized a second time for breaking a rule(s) in the same week, said member would instead be placed in the Penalty Box for time to cool off, and to avoid acquiring excessive penalty points.
    *10 points earns an automated permanent suspension.

    2) Length of stay in the Penalty Box is dependent on the severity of rule breaking, but as a general rule, length of stay shall follow:

    First strike: 3 days
    Second strike: 1 week (7 days)
    Third strike: You're out. Indefinite suspension until a mod majority vote is in favor of reinstating the member in question.

    Disclaimer: We advise any member who enters the penalty box to not lurk around PnQ because it defeats the purpose of giving said member time to cool off. However, it is not rule-breaking to lurk.