Any Poems inspired by Charles Dickens?

  • Maria
    8 years ago

    So hello there.

    I know I'm asking for something difficult but I thought I should try. I would do it myself but I'm really busy with school and private lessons and I don't have much time to write another poem. There's a contest about Charles Dickens and I thought I should enter it *deadline is on November 19th*. There's a lot you can do to win the first, second or even third prize. You can make a collage, find pictures, write short stories or poems, write a summary of one of his books and many more. I thought I would write a poem and a story. I've already written a poem based on Oliver Twist and I'll see what I can do with the story but I decided to write one more poem. So if anyone has read any of his books and wants to help, I'd be grateful.

    We need a poem based on any book of Charles Dickens, preferable not Oliver Twist again. I only have one in mind and that's Great Expectations because his other books seem difficult to draw inspiration from.

    I don't care about the type, length or subject of the poem as long as it's Charles Dickens.

    Thanks for reading this!