Searching for a friend

  • MythicaRaine
    5 years ago

    Well this is awkward but let me start by being honest I'm a 23 year old female looking for strictly platonic friendships with a man or woman. I'm down to earth, adventurous, spontaneous, I love the outdoors and the wildlife in it, I consider myself a free spirit, but due to past traumas I have sank into a hole, I have no friends and often times I feel worthless and depression has taken over so bad. So please be over 18 and I look forward to hearing from you!

  • Michael replied to MythicaRaine
    5 years ago

    Hey Tia, firstly how brave to post this message, so full admiration. No one should be lonely. But I know everyone goes through this, for what ever their reasons. I have been a member of PnQ for nearly two years, and have chatted/messaged with some wonderful people, albeit virtual so to speak, but I love poetry and writing, which has been a wonder at times, especially on the site.

    I am more than happy to chat, be a friend as best I can. I have two children one of 18 years and 24 years. So its an honour.

    Anyway way just send a message, as and when. I will always reply when I can.

    Hope you are well

    Michael :)

  • Jamie
    5 years ago

    Hello. You can message me if you'd like