looking for friends :D

  • pmmurphy
    4 years ago

    I look like ed sheeran.

    and i write poetry.

    I have a 3 string guitar because a few strings broke, its out of tune and all but hey.

    Send me a pm sometime if you want to just shoot the breeze.

    or we can talk here i wouldn't mind learning to be more active on the forum.

  • Em replied to pmmurphy
    4 years ago

    Well I kind of have a secret crush on Ed sheeran lol and his music isn't so bad either. My niece asked me to take her to watch him in Manchester city stadium noooo as I'm a manchester united supporter anyhoooww...

    How are you ? Do you come here often?
    No, that wasn't a chat up line I'm just in a weird mood hahaha