"De Bottle An Cyan Man" by Marty Campbell - Caribbean Poetry

  • Samsara
    3 years ago, updated 3 years ago

    Hello, guys. I have read this forum's rules but sadly, the poem I'm trying to analyze isn't on any website. I have a copy of it but I can't upload the photo, so I hope this community will understand that I put the text. The author of "De Bottle An Cyan Man" is Marty Campbell. This poem maybe will sound weird to you because it's written in Crucian. My first language isn't English, so I'm having a hard time analyzing this poem, and I would like to read your opinions about it. I have to write about it's subject, theme, tone, tools (simile, metaphor, etc), the regular things you have to do when you analyze a poem, but as I said, I'm having a hard time with this kind of poem.
    Here it is:

    "De Bottle an Cyan Man"
    People trow cyan bottle papah
    Cigarette butt
    Ahl oval de highway de beach
    an back in de bush
    Wherevah dey go
    I whoosh I live in a whorl where
    people da treat de ground we
    Wak on like me muddah

    People da treat me muddah with respec
    She eldahly an she mean well
    So whatevah she do
    People treat me muddah wit respec
    Even me

    Cause crazy as she be
    Me love fa me muddah
    is love

    Sparks may fly
    Dis way an dat
    Me love fa me muddah

    not hot not cold
    not silvah not gold
    is blood

    So de bottle an cyan man
    De cigarette butt nut
    Got to see

    Whateva ya preferred substance
    an de substance it in
    We get it from we muddah we wakkin on

    Let we give it back wit respec
    not trow it or leave it lyin aroung
    —me muddah would scream!—
    Pack it an put it where it belong
    an recycle it so we don have
    to dig up so much again

    not silva not gold
    not hot not cold
    is blood

    -Marty Campbell