Looking for your breakdown of this!

  • DarkLuminousOne
    3 years ago

    Looking for a break down of meanings, opinions ect ect.

    THE flow'ry meads were in their prime,
    And leverets cropt the fragrant thyme,
    When, high in air, a medling crow
    Saw puss securely feast below;

    Meanwhile the hunters, from afar,
    Let loose the yelping dogs of war.
    "Alas, poor hare! ere yet too late
    "O let me warn thee of thy fate."
    Exclaim'd the crow; and quick descended,
    To give the good advice intended.

    The hare, alarm'd, with speed withdrew,
    Not doubting but the tale was trae:
    Whereas, in truth, th' unkennell'd pack
    Had ta'en, full cry, a different track.

    But now, to mount on wing again,
    The struggling crow attempts in vain;
    For, while intent t'advise the hare,
    She lighted on the fowler's snare;
    And found, at length, herself the bubble
    Of all her needless pains and trouble.

    Who meddle thus with others cares,
    Too oft neglect their own affairs:
    But who abroad for business roam,
    Should nothing leave undone at home.

  • Larry Chamberlin
    3 years ago

    I take it this is your homework assignment?

  • DarkLuminousOne replied to Larry Chamberlin
    3 years ago

    No. I just like it