Do you keep writing about the same topic and under the same topi

  • Escobar
    16 years ago

    i write about my feelings when i'm in love i can write love poems when im angry or sad i write down my feelings

  • Tarikins
    16 years ago

    Ummmm I write down what ever I'm feeling right now....I go to a "mind doctor" because I am suffering from depression and I'm partly suicidal so most of the stuff I write is sad or dark... I have a few love poems and 2 or 3 friendship poems out of some 50 poems....but thats only on this site so....sometimes I observe the world and write about my opinions or thought on it. Like "People" it talks about what people do in this world and how they hurt others that are close to them or people they dont even know...anyways.

  • Nici
    16 years ago

    I change what I write about all of the time.

    It's nice to have a bit of variety in you writing, both the styles and the topics.

    Just write about whatever pops into your head at the moment.