Vampire of you

by Ellewen

What lies beneathe you
This yellow light
What lures decieves you
Your words aren't right
Traced upon it
Your cold hard stare
I may never
Refuse to care
Will you ever
Let it be

Night grows closer
Light speaks truth
Sleeping dreams are over
Im the vampire of you
Dying dreams lie waking
Apart they grow closer
Night and day
Through time we grow older
Time fades away
Overwhealming nightmare stays

Dare I wake it through your ivory vale
Marks make your smile grow
Leaving scratches across bare nails
Thick red colors weep and flow
Natures grip upon me stands
Ivory turns grey in my view
Blue iris with slits of black
Yellow corrupts the gold in you
Around these lights everything is back
So lets undo


Submission date : 2009-06-29

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Rating : 4.0

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