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  • Scream and Shout (1) 2

    by Lost Shadow

    daggers for eyes staring at me
    yet looking right through me...

  • The birth of light 1

    by safachan

    They say that darkness gives value to light
    for without the dark one cannot muster the will to...

  • Whispers in the Shadows

    by Dino Dhamphyr

    "Who are you, what are you?" I wondered, gazing...
    As we stood in the heart of the woods, where the...

Dark Quotes

  • Never let the demon
    inside you flought away,
    you might need
    it another day.

  • I could say I was hurt, but it wouldn't be true. However this knife in my back reminds me of you.

  • I lay seeped in darkness, yet I still reach for the stars.

    by Solus