Popular Dark Poems

Latest Dark Poems

  • Other Realities (2) 2

    by Jemia de Blondeville

    What if?
    This life we all live...

  • Madness 1

    by Teria Westerviller

    Madness overtakes me
    the thumping in my soul...

  • The Darkness (1) 1

    by Lil

    She kick him to his knees and saw off his wings...
    He lay there as darkness called for him...

Dark Quotes

  • Never let the demon
    inside you flought away,
    you might need
    it another day.

  • I could say I was hurt, but it wouldn't be true. However this knife in my back reminds me of you.

  • I lay seeped in darkness, yet I still reach for the stars.

    by Solus