Popular Dark Poems

  • Like A Lie (4) 2

    by Hallo A Lilium

    It's like a lie that you continue to tell
    Always pretending every thing's going well...

  • Despair (13) 9

    by Milly Hayward

    Have I not breathed the very air
    that shouted once of freedom shared...

  • Long Live the Bat (6) 6

    by Lost One

    On a cold and dreary Gotham night
    In an alley where none could see...

Latest Dark Poems

  • Crisp was the quill that bled his likeness.
    Feeble was the hand by which his vignette was...

  • The Tower

    by Johnathon

    “Why does man abhor his truth?” asked the...
    Molded by the darkest obsidian through millennia...

  • The Dream (2) 2

    by Johnathon

    Many sleepless nights ago
    I dreamt of a cabin covered in snow...

Dark Quotes

  • Never let the demon
    inside you flought away,
    you might need
    it another day.

  • I could say I was hurt, but it wouldn't be true. However this knife in my back reminds me of you.

  • I lay seeped in darkness, yet I still reach for the stars.

    by Solus