Lucifer rising 2010 (1984)

by MerlinofAthens

O Jupiter, Thou god of old...
worshiped by the Greeks as Zeus....
is it that your former place is restored,
and that finally is called , the truce?

the light bearer you were
in the first, the beginning of time,
brighter than your brothers Michael and Gabriel,
far and away you lit the night, and outshined...

to shed some light on an old subject,
and let not who would live in denial
darkness be the past, are you and old star? or new?
your light shines with radiance oer the millions of miles.

Has Kronas the Almighty Eternal King
even pardoned you?
the war in Heaven started long ago.
is war finally now through,

accusations the false, concealments all gone,
are you the light bearer again?
shine on light bearer for all to see.
light the way where every man is a friend...

based on a scene from 2010 the year we make contact (1984)


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