Frequently asked questions

Poem submission and registration

Can I display my poems on this website?

Yes. But you have to be a member of "Poems & Quotes" (P&Q) to submit your poems and quotes. Registration and all other services of P&Q are free. Register here.

Why do I have to register to submit my poems to P&Q?

Registration is necessary to identify the origin of your submissions. Also you can use your account to manage your previously submitted material, add profile, participate in discussion board, etc.

Are there any special rules of submission?

Yes. You have to comply with our submission terms and guidelines.

Why do you request rights to edit, delete and publish my poems?

This is precaution to be on the safe side of law. Generally we do not edit member submission – sometimes we fix spelling mistakes and edit submission that do not comply with our guidelines. We remove only submissions that we consider inappropriate but we reserve rights to remove any submission at our sole discretion. We reserve rights to re-publish your submissions to have legal rights to send your poem in our e-publication. If we ever decide to publish a poetry book, we’ll ask each and every poet personally for their permission to publish their work. If these terms are not acceptable to you, do not submit to P&Q any of your material.

Registration and login problems

I filled out the registration form but I did not receive e-mail. How can I finish registration process?

Please, enter your e-mail address in this page and we'll re-send your instructions, which lets you finish registration process.

Login is not working properly. When I click on any link after login, it says I have to login again. What's wrong?

Most likely you have cookies disabled on your computer. If you use Internet Explorer, choose from menu "Tools -> Internet Options -> Privacy" and set your privacy level to "Medium". If you still cannot login, please contact us.

Poetry searching and sorting tips

How can I find poem, if I know it’s title and/or author?

Use "search poem" tool – it will display all results from our database, which match your query.

There are so many poems on this website. How can I find the best ones?

There are more that 600,000 poems in P&Q – finding the ones you are interested in is a challenging task. Poetry is categorized in topics and sub-topics. Browse through categories to find the one you are interested in. Use sorting options to find most recent, best rated or most commented poems. If you like some poem very much and you’d like to read more poems written by this author, visit author’s profile (click on author’s name at the top of poem). Visit members’ page to see list of all authors - you can sort them by different criteria’s and select authors’ age group you are interested in.

Can you find for me this poem I am looking for?

No. We don’t have time to answer such requests. Use our "search poem" tool to find poems within our database or use search engine (e.g. Google) to find poems in other websites. Also you can post your request in discussion board – other visitors might have the answer.

Copyrights, plagiarism, publishing

How do I copyright my poem?

In theory when you write something, it is copyrighted. No further steps are required to protect your intellectual property. In reality it might be difficult to prove that you are the genuine author without extra evidence. You can officially register your work with U.S. Copyright Office for $30 (application process takes 4-5 months).

Somebody has published my poem in the Internet without my permission. What should I do?

Internet is medium, which is open to abuse – some people might re-publish your work and claim it to be theirs. There is no easy way to solve this problem. If the plagiarism is published on P&Q you can send us complaint form (link can be found at the bottom of a poem) and we will review your case and remove plagiarism, if your evidence is strong enough. If the plagiarism is published on some other website, try contacting webmaster and ask him/her to remove your work – it works in most cases. If you don’t get any response, write another message - say that you will contact his/her web-hosting provider and that you are prepared to take legal action, if they don’t comply with your request.

I want to publish my poetry in a book. Can you help me?

No, we do not provide such service and we don’t have affiliation with any publisher. Use search engine (e.g. Google) to find information you are looking for.