U r my honey bunch..

by Xx Alone in my Quandary xX

U r my honey bunch,
sugar plum,
u r my sweety pie.
u r my cuppy cake,
gum drop,
u r the apple of my eye.
and i love u so n i want u to knOw
that u r sooooooooo dear..

(i've been hearing this ring tone since so long and i really love it a lot sO,thOught to write it's lyrics dOwn here cOz wanted to share it with other's as well...wheneva i hear it;it juz remind me of my lil'sweety baby cOusin)


Submission date : 2008-03-04

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Latest comments

Lauren at 2008-03-04

The first part that you tpye I think was a song that I think I've heard. I think that it was really aborable.

LoSt in masquEraDe ( C D ) at 2008-03-05

Yeah actually iz kind of sung by a baby..iz really cute though..

silly girl in love ( F P ) at 2008-03-06

Omg...i have this ong on my phone...lol!!

Mr Darcy ( F P C D ) at 2008-03-18

You made me smile a big cheesey grin. Have you watched Chitty, chitty bang bang. It reminds me of one of the songs on there. 'You're my little teddy bear'
I adore silly poetry like this. I have a 7 year old boy and I have written silly poems for him. Read 'Spider hugs' and you will agree.

Well done 5/5


shelby ( C ) at 2008-07-04

Who sing that and whats it called???
but that was cute lol