Apple Pie In The Sky

by Crazyandsweet

Apple Pie In The Sky
oh my oh my...
What can I do to get that pie,
that is so high up in the sky?
Wishing and dreaming...
praying and scheming...
Drooling from the delight,
of such a beautiful sight.
I will give anything for a taste
and would not let a single piece go to waste!

Oh Apple Pie In The Sky
why o' why can't you give me a try?
I can be your friend,
up until the bitter end...
You smell sooo delicious,
its not fair you are being so selfish!
We could even be soul mates,
but I don't know how much longer I can wait.

Apple Pie In The Sky
please o' please don't be shy...
I am nice and sweet,
and don't think of you as just a treat.
I just want to sit here and cry,
cause I don't have the power to fly...
To fly to you is where I want to be,
I will be the one to set you free...
Free from this world of such greed,
greed is not what I have but only a need...
A need that if I don't get will cause me to die,
so please o' please...come to me,
sweet, sweet Apple Pie in The Sky!


Submission date : 2006-10-03

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Rating : 4.6

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Latest comments

donna ( F C D ) at 2006-10-03

PMSL when it comes to You sweetheart, share it with me lol.. Soooo funny hehe well done 5/5 I love You xxx

Kim Yang at 2006-10-04

Very interesting, full of metaphor. I am sure my little pupils would love it very much.

disturbed one ( F P C D ) at 2006-11-01

Hahaheehee lol...i liked it...and i like apple pie but not when its in the sky...haha i thought of something...

i will not eat pie sam i am,
i will not eat pie with a guy,
i will not eat pie in the sky,