Beautiful Red Cardinal

by Amber Moonstone

"Beautiful Red Cardinal"

by Amber Moonstone 4/10/06

Oh, beautiful red cardinal,
about to burst with life,
You ramble along the banks
of my babbling brook,
looking for nourishment.

You are so beautiful, red cardinal,
why are you alone
at this bountiful time?

Where is your mate,
he should be near you,
guarding that full body
that is about to burst!

I have thrown some seeds
to sustain your needs;

Now come beautiful red cardinal,
feast on this banquet,

so that you can bring forth
more beautiful red cardinals
that can be,
as beautiful as thee!

Author's Notes: I have this family of beautiful cardinals in my back yard. I was watching the female red cardinal feasting on the seeds that I had thrown out on my back yard. She was so plump and ready to burst, it inspired me to write this poem.

Peace, Love, and Light,
Amber Moonstone


Submission date : 2006-04-10

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