Poems About Nature

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  • Where Dreams Live

    by Satish Verma

    Despite the great divide
    a dialogue must ensue, between...

  • Kidnapped

    by Satish Verma

    Lamenting, what not to-
    think. Condemned to burn...

  • From The Edge

    by Satish Verma

    You were becoming more prone
    to violence, confronting...

  • Picking Up The Threads

    by Satish Verma

    No attachment with the
    alma mater. You have...

  • From The Streetlamp

    by Satish Verma

    Hits you in the face,
    disseminating the chivalry...

  • The Raging Storm

    by Satish Verma

    A scavenger fails to thrive
    in upward mobility...

  • Be precise, I would say.
    The definition was changing- of the sand...

  • Great Defiance

    by Satish Verma

    A smear campaign starts
    against the ladder, which permits...

  • Great Withdrawl

    by Satish Verma

    The urgency to bite the bullet
    was uncalled for...

  • Sound Bites

    by Satish Verma

    The plaques were being
    attached to the wall. You would not be able...

  • Shadow Boxing

    by Satish Verma

    Find an auspice today.
    The moon was coming back...

  • Coppice (1) 1

    by Lia Rayne

    Betwixt maple trees, rainbow leaves keel to
    autumnal greetings. Lia gaits along Adidas...