To My Daughter

by Kaleigh   Feb 8, 2008

I hate the fact
That someday I may have to let you go..
I hate that I don't know
If I'm the one you can always come crying to.
I hate the fact that there is a chance
You might not get to live with me,
but instead your dad.
I hate that
I can't promise you everything you've ever wanted.
I would love it if I got hold you everyday
And tell you how much I love you,
Instead of on the phone.
I hate the fact that there's a chance
You might have to live with someone
Who once tried to kill me...
I wish that I could rock you to bed every night
And sing songs to you...
I wish that you knew how much you mean to me..
I wish you could come live with me
For weeks at a time
And never have to go somewhere else in between.
I love to hear you laugh and see you smile : )
And when you tell me you love me back
I wish you knew how happy it makes me.
Your the sunshine in my life,
When everything is gray..
I wish you knew how much I need you
Each and every day.



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