"I Love You" Poems

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  • April Second (Etheree)

    by Jamie (Lia)


  • Holding Her Hand 3

    by David P Carroll

    Holding Her Hand
    Sit with me and hold my hands...

  • By The Ocean (1) 5

    by Mark

    To lay amidst the sweetest ocean breeze:
    And nestle me to sand a sandy bed...

  • Feelings 3

    by Walter

    I love the way you walk in the room
    And all my attention you steal...

  • I Know (2) 2

    by Soulful Ensemble

    Our souls match like mirrors
    With reflections from inside...

  • The Light (1) 1

    by Soulful Ensemble

    You are perfect light in dark paths
    With brightness shinning everlasting...

  • Though
    we are...

  • Tho' I Do Stare (2) 4

    by Mark

    Dear lady I do know, that beauty's cursed;
    To draw unwanted eyes to bask that fair...

  • My love

    by Rey Severs

    I apologize, my love, for I am an addict,
    For all the things this world refused to share...

  • Your Purest Glow (1) 2

    by Mark

    Turn off the sun and moon, to view your form
    As purest as the light that then just dimmed...

  • As we both sit opposite while dining
    Where the candle light reflects from your eyes...

  • Fight (2) 1

    by allex0r

    Why does it feel like the world is so quiet
    When we had a fight going...