"I Love You" Poems

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  • Unexpected Encounter

    by Heartstring

    I was resigned to life,
    We need to live it, breathe it, and carry on...

  • Warming Moments 1

    by Walter

    I don't always tell you
    As there's other ways we speak...

  • My Vows To You 1

    by Eddie Hoyte

    I will always point out the most beautiful girls...
    You will wake up everyday, knowing you're the most...

  • Happy Mothers Day 2

    by Stephen

    Hopefully today is as special to you
    As you are to those blessed with your presence...

  • Charlotte Rose (1) 3 HM

    by Stephen

    Charlotte, baby girl, I know you're probably...
    Questioning why both your parents aren't together...

  • This 2

    by Impossible Girl

    Can you feel
    The constant pull...

  • It's the way that my eyes see you
    That no one else will know...

  • Longing

    by Impossible Girl

    Your hand, my heart
    My hand, your heart...

  • You Never Saw Me

    by ibelievedhim

    You never saw me, so how could you love me?
    You're just a boy who thought he would hurt me...

  • Amani (1) 1

    by Moussa

    If I had a thousand pages...

  • Her Love

    by DavidPCarroll

    My Heart
    Will never...

  • I Dream Of You ( Day 2) (3) 2

    by Everlasting

    I dream of you when you are far
    as some exceptional bright star...