It's A Girl

by Jenna Lynn   Feb 11, 2008

Look at her,
Isnt she beautiful?
She is the best
Our wonderful baby girl.

Right now she likes diapers
And bottles and toys
And she's the light of our lives
Our biggest pride and joy

In a little while she'll start to crawl
And we'll have to put gates up
And put locks on cabinet doors
This we cant fu/k up.

Before we know it, her first step
And more and more after that
And she'll enjoy a little jumper
She'll run to chase the cat.

Before we know it, school starts
And she brings friends home to play
And when it's time to bring them home
She'll beg for them to stay

The pre-teen years a hell
But we'll get through it all
No matter what it takes
We wont take a fall

The boyfriends will come over
And you'll hate them all the way
You'll want to hold her tight
And tell them to stay away

She'll get her drivers licinse
And I will start to freak
Not knowing where she is,
Every minute of every week

Then it's graduation
And we're really really proud
And when she grabs that diploma
We'll scream really really loud

All of a sudden
It's her wedding day
You'll walk her down the isle
On this very happy day

Then one day she's pregnant
And we are getting old
And nine months later has
A baby girl of her own.


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Latest Comments

  • 9 years ago

    by crystaljean88

    Awwwww, this is an extremly sweet poem. it brought tears to my eyes. i have a little girl of my own. but her father isnt around.. you should take a look at some my poems... u have alot of potential

  • 10 years ago

    by natyy

    This is so cute....i luv it..