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i have a life and thats just about all i can say cause my life usually always sucks for me... at least most of the time..
tell me u came from this site. i love to talk to people who write poetry cause i can use sum pointers.. thank u and good luck with ur writing....please leave comments on my poems..

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  • Confusion (4) 1

    Not taking this crap,
    I dont need this...

  • Nobody truly knows ,
    How i feel about you...

  • Skit (7)

    Let it all go,
    like nothing is wrong...

  • All the wrong I do,
    Is done for you...

  • A mom? (7)

    You call yourself a mother,
    a person that loves and nurtures...

Latest Quotes By crystaljean88

  • I hurt myself once and i hurt myself again,
    that all cause of ur nasty lies that commited a terrible sin.

    15 years ago
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  • So many things to me you promised and swore,
    that was all a lie cause my heart you did make sore

    15 years ago
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  • You said you would never leave me but then you did,
    i was right when i told you this... your nothing but an imature kid

    15 years ago
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