by Janine Meyer   Feb 12, 2008

Written for Andre: 12 Feb 2008

This poem,
Comes straight from my heart to you,
Because I need you to know,
I need you so much more today,
than I did yesterday.

I can not begin to tell you,
Just how glad I am,
That I have you in my life.
You make me smile inside,
Every-time I think about you.

You are just so amazing,
And you are always part of my thoughts.

Thus from my heart to yours,
I just wanted to say,
Heres to us,
To all that we have shared,
To all that has been said,
And to all that has not happened yet.
Heres to the past,
And to the future,
But most of all,
Heres to the present.
I am so very glad,
That we are sharing this together,
You and I.

I love you, now more than ever.


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