I love Him So!

by Danniell   Feb 29, 2008

I'm so lonely
I cry at night
I miss my baby
This ain't right
I thought I loved before
I thought they loved me
But now I know
It couldn't be
There were too many fights
Long angry nights
But now Ive really known love
And it was taken away
It hurts me inside
Now I'm lonely at night
He held me so tight
Ive never felt so right
He thought it best for me
When he left to set me free
He left one night
"I'll be only an hour," he said
No warnings, no goodbye
I came so close to falling apart
Thank god I found a friend
Who kept me together
Who answered my questions
And soothed my self doubts
Was it me?
What did I do?
After 3 days, no face, no call
I lost all hope
And started to fall
I called some people
No way to reach him
Heard from others
Where he was staying
Then one day
Just by chance
I found him at last.
I walked in the trailer
Much to his surprise
Sat down, looked him in the eyes
Trying so hard not to cry
He looked so handsome
But withdrawn, no longer mine
"Hit me hate me
Be mad or be angry,"
Is what he asked of me.
And all I could do
Is look in his eyes
"All I want to say
Is please tell me why
You left me this way>
Its been 9 days!
I wasn't even sure
you were o.k.!"
He said I deserved better
That he wasn't good enough
It was killing him inside
But he ripped out his heart
Because he thought it best for me.
He should have been honest
Talked to me instead.
But, instead, took the easier way out
Thought Id banish his memory from my head.
I stood to leave
Tears streaming down my face
Asked for a hug and
A farewell kiss that sealed our fate.
Then as our lips parted
And I began to turn away
I paused to whisper softly
"I will always love you," in his ear.
I walked out the door
"I love you Bunny,"
I heard on the wind.
I ran to the truck
Sobbing and weeping
We went back home
Got so stoned I was giggling
Then down some beers
Ended the night In drunken slumber
After that day
And a trick of fate
I was tortured so cruel
And each time I saw him
We spoke few words
Then one day
When visiting my mom
Sean was arrested
And my hopes where gone
I went crazy
Crying in despair
On a long run
Trying to hide the pain
That was festering inside
But despite how much I hurt
And the distance from me to him
Never to be min again
Yet I still love him so.....


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  • 10 years ago

    by Twistd StoRY

    I'm really really sorry if this happend to you. I really like it though. And hopefully,if this did happen, that you find some one new and better, even though it may seem impossible sometimes. 5/5.