Poems About Lasting Love

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  • We
    are forgotten...

  • Bended knee

    by Jay Colon

    For years I didn’t think it was possible
    To really have this love...

  • Point Zero 1

    by ddavidd

    No gender, no male and female.
    You’re dissolving in me and I in you...

  • I hope 1

    by Kaimeyo

    If you’re here….
    I’m thankful you’ve made it this far...

  • Stronger Than Steel: 1

    by Scott Cole

    You took a piece of raw iron ore
    And forged this heart of mine...

  • O my friend,
    climb the ladder of eternal friendship...

  • Always (2) 2

    by Guilty By Design

    Between space and time
    No matter where you may be...

  • 365 (2) 4 WIN

    by Jenni

    another year draws to a close
    with my feelings only stronger...

  • Poetry for Life (1) 3

    by RustySoul

    You are the flawless, complete verse I have been...
    Your presence inspires imagery that unfolds...

  • Her Lover 1

    by ddavidd

    If you want to be her lover
    you must worshiper the truth...

  • 2021 NaPoWriMo #13 3

    by M. Rene'

    My dear, darling painter,
    You mix colors and...

  • Years have passed and mistakes
    have been made but they've learnt...