Poems About Lasting Love

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  • Love Seasons 1

    by Walter

    Our love was found in summer
    We met while walking past...

  • Praying to galaxy

    by Kazeronnie Mak

    I have to restrain myself, not to let you see me...
    I pretend to ignore you...

  • More Beautiful 3

    by Paul H

    Can there be a more beautiful rose
    To bloom in the month of May...

  • Beautiful You 1

    by Lethal Prophecy

    You are to me like water in the desert,
    When I'm fed up with everything,you keep me going...

  • Love Across Borders 3

    by The Fallen Angel

    My heart beats to the
    rhythm of your’s...

  • Always My Kid 1

    by Stephen

    When I look into the mirror I'll tell you what I...
    I see a shell of the man I know that I'm supposed...

  • Indefinite 2

    by Guilty By Design

    Earthborn paradox
    I willfully give my heart...

  • Stars (1) 1

    by Impossible Girl

    No breath
    No words except...

  • If I awaken tomorrow
    In a place you cannot see...

  • Natasha 1

    by Jesse Low

    You are with me through the night and the day
    Somehow you know my heart you will stay...

  • Becoming (1) 5 WIN

    by BOB GALLO

    like waves
    on the faraway shores of soft sands...

  • Recycle (Senryu) 1

    by BOB GALLO

    I emerge from you
    every morning just to be...