This Is What Hurts

by Kaleigh   Mar 11, 2008

This Is What Hurts

It'll disappoint me
It'll put me down
I look into the mirror
And all I do is Frown

It'll make me think
That all we had is gone
I feel you in my dreams
And every single song

What happened to the love
That you once had for me
I cry all night long
Thinking of what could be

But maybe it's not right
Babe I'm as wrong as you
Maybe we're not meant to be
Is what this all comes to

You never really try
Or even show you care
You only care when your here
But never when your there

I'm so lost and LOST
My mind is such a mess
It sucks you really failed
When I put you to the test

As I try to be strong
And try to let you go
It sucks how I feel
You don't even know

I rushed to my house
When you were in my thoughts
But you were never there
To busy smoking pot

I never was your 1
I always tried to compete
But a competition
It never was you see

It had you from the start
In the beginning and the end
And it's to late
It hurts to be your friend

Do you remember the late mornings
Or the starry nights?
The two stars that we picked
That were always burning bright

Or lying in your bed
Staying up till two
Telling us our stories
But were yours ever true?

So many questions
But I don't wanna know the truth
It hurts me to think
When all I think about is you

When will it not hurt
When will the pain be gone
When will you miss me
I miss you all night long

I meant every word I said
To you I never lied
And when I think about your lies
All I do is cry

God, please just make me strong
Let me let him go
Take away my pain
Please just mend my soul

Let me live on
Without this state of mind
Help me to believe
There are other ones to find

By Kaleigh Steele


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