Poems About Lost Love

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  • Looking ahead
    as the dark blue tides come crashing in...

  • Redeem 2

    by BOB GALLO

    Redeem your ability to learn
    not by insisting on what you know...

  • Wasted Memories 2

    by Jay Colon

    You use to be everything I ever wanted
    Best thing that happened to me...

  • she doesn’t miss me too 2

    by Prophecies In Kodak

    life can be bitter when
    you live in the walls of...

  • i miss her though

    by Prophecies In Kodak

    telling myself
    i don’t remember...

  • Expired - Senryu (2) 2

    by Walter

    Love is not a waste
    But it can't be recycled...

  • Rose Bed (10) 6

    by Ben Pickard

    I have never been the one to keep you warm,
    Or stop the river freezing between your banks...

  • My Lifelong Love

    by Glenn G

    I know you'll never understand
    The love I had for you...

  • she isn’t in love with me 2

    by Prophecies In Kodak

    maybe i have lingered
    here for too long...

  • #19 (2) 2

    by Nil

    Some things never change
    I just want you to know...

  • Before (7) 5

    by Ben Pickard

    she slept beneath where the wisteria grew,
    and woke with the blackbird's chorus...

  • Snow Casts 2

    by BOB GALLO

    Do you remember
    in cold winters...