by Sammi   Mar 13, 2008

I'm so tired of waiting
I cant stand the tests of time
But I'll just keep on telling myself
that I'm doing just fine

Just keep on living for the day
Keep on breathing they say
It will all get better...
Get better it better

I don't know what to do anymore
It hurts to be alone
I cant get my mind straight and I'm-
Reaching for the phone...

I'm frustrated and down,
down but not quite out
Living for love
Learning what its all about

But what's left to do
the hurt cant be undone
Our hearts will still be two
but standing I will only be one

So sometimes I'll smile
and sometimes I'll cry
Its just so damn painful
Its tearing me up inside

The world wont stop for me though
So I'm forced to pick myself up
Dust myself off, brush myself off
Pick my mood up

So here I am
My heart is in pain
But I guess I'll keep moving
And you'll keep doing the same

So for now I'll try and be stronger
I'll try and keep my pride
I know it will get better
So I'll try and hold my head high

Its hard to hold on
And its harder to say goodbye
I'm trying to keep moving
But its just so hard not to cry...


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