Comments : Fairy tale

  • I loved it is wonderful i love it! keep up the great work
    from chris

  • 10 years ago

    by MyMuse

    Aww Travis. This poem is just pure of love. passion for me. And love. You know you solved my listened to that secret that i had in my heart. We will be together for a long time if not forever. I just want you to know, I would even walk to where you live for i can be held. Feel a kiss from you. I just want to keep reading on with this fairy tale, I will cry but then I will smile. I just love you with my whole heart. I just want you to stay with me forever. This poem just expresses a love we share. You know, i knew that you knew i loved you and i know behind those laughs of a person from you wanted to say I Love You. Also. lol. Well I was your sister now i am the one I can tell you i love you. Just keep doing what you do and I will always be here. Let us keep writing such a wonderful romance/fairy tale for everyone to know we are together no one else...

    I LOVE YOU....!!!!!!!!!<333333

    I am just so happy<3

    Always Loving you...

    Always Your Angel :D<3

    deserves more than a 5/5!!!!<3 because our love is ever lasting :D

  • 10 years ago

    by ZAcKismSk8tRbOi this a poem?