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Hello everyone!~ I hope everyone is doing well this time of year! My name is courtney rose! I am always here if you need me, I promise, I will try to get on more now! I am in school to become a massage therapist! Well i guess read my poetry and get inside my head! Message friends are always welcome :D

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  • Speak to me in love and loved.
    I'll lead you slowly into my alone...

  • I know you won't ever read this
    I deleted you from my life...

  • Sing me a song that only you and I know
    The words that are so beautiful and in plain sight...

  • Whoever you may be
    We are two different people...

  • Give me will win my loyalty
    Give me your will win my and your...

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  • Never look down on someone unless you are helping them up

    5 years ago
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  • As the sun sets, our dreams become more alive. When the sun begins to rise, it is a new beginning to make those dreams beome a reality

    6 years ago
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  • During the day
    I go with others and i run and play
    But in my heart you shall always stay
    During the night
    I look to the sky and wondering if ya thinking of me
    because you are all i see<3

    9 years ago
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