My True Love

by Janine Meyer   Mar 20, 2008

Written for Andre: 19 March 2008

Love comes through the eyes
That help me see this wonderful sight
I see this amazing man
Of whom I can always depend upon.

Love comes through the hands
That make you my man
Your touch creates chills
Which make me go through so many thrills.

Love comes through the mouth
That will one day make you my spouse
You know to say the right things
At the right time,
At times when support and encouragement,
Is needed the most.

Love comes through dreams
That makes our fairy tale true,
I dream about our life,
Yours and mine,
A life so perfect,
A dream come come true.

Love comes through smiles
That extend for miles
You can see all the joy
That comes when I see you,
My one and only love.

Love comes through affection
That makes me feel your protection
I feel safe and secure
And know that you will forever be there.

Love comes through the seasons
That give me plenty of reasons
Reasons that I Love You
And makes us just so perfect.

Love comes through the heart
That makes me want to never part
Your heart is all I need to get by,
For without you I would never want to be.

Love comes through me
Which will set you free
I will give you all my love
For this is all I have left,
For you are the keeper of my heart.

Love comes through you
That is always new
You come up with the most incredible surprises,
At times so unexpected,
And I know we can handle whatever comes our way,
We are a formidable force together,
You and I.

You are my One TRUE LOVE


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