Nigga This and Nigga That

by allidoiswrite82   Mar 20, 2008

Nigga this


Nigga that

Nigga don't you know

Nigga is derogatory for black

Nigga don't you know that we been fighting back

For 400 hundred years of slavery that we can't get back

How are we gonna stay int act

When you keep spouting out the word nigga stabbing Dr.Martin the back

Mr.X would turn over in his grave

Knowing the sons of slaves

Are Beating each other down with words these days

I'm in an outrage

It's harder then just turning the page

Cause you don't understand a life being in a cage

No not in a jail cell

I talking about a social hell

Living by Jim Crow's laws

Well let me educate y'all

There was a time

In the year 19-one-nine

When my three times great grand-father

Was standing in line

They yelled "Coon whats wrong, can't you read the sign"

You need to get your nigga ass up out of this line

It was a shame

nigga was his name

One in the same

And still you call your brother that not realizing the pain

It's not a game

Martin was slain

For things that he claim

He gave his life so folks can call you by your name

And how do you pay him back

By being the same jack

That told Rosa to stand up you need to move back

Now how sad is that

It wasn't that long ago

that you could have been strung up on any street light pole

Sacrificed your soul

For no other reason then having the skin color as coal

I just trying to bring a solution back

So y'all will stop with the

Nigga this

And Nigga that


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Latest Comments

  • 10 years ago

    by Olivia Jamison

    I so agree with this poem

  • 10 years ago

    by Justin

    Wow that was GREAT... You can basically vision what happened... Could choice of words and historical references

  • 10 years ago

    by Gabba Gabba Hey

    You are definitely really good--this is a really good poem...nice historical allusions, and I think anyone reading this would at least contemplate it for a bit...amazing...really