Popular Slang Poems

  • Set It Off (2) 1

    by KATIE

    I'm getting tired man
    of all you jealous haters...

  • Te Extrano (2)

    by Jennifer

    No se como pudiste entrar en mi,
    no se como me salvaste de la obscuridad...

  • Chicks (2) 3

    by girlgood

    For all the chicks staring in my direction dAMN...
    i understand girls talk behind my back...

Latest Slang Poems

Slang Quotes

  • My thoughts are like a open book... Read carefully

    by Jessica
  • I have no idea what I would do without my music

    by Jenny
  • Y0U CkAN SAy WhAtt y0U WANt; MAkEUP liESz N' RUMORSz
    CkUS iM StUCkk iN y0UR hEAdd likE A fUll BlOWN tUMOR!