A doller and a dime

by shantavia   Mar 22, 2008

It was 12:45 and i was full from lunch.i walked down a street that i didnt use much. there was a man with tattered clothes with no shoes on his feet. his hair was long, his odor was strong, and he asked me for food to eat. i told him i was sorry about the situation he was in and that tomorrow i will be back to help again.but until tomorrow, at about this time, i will give you all i have for now, a dollar and a dime. i gave it to him and said goodbye. but i never planned on coming back, i told him a lie. time went by and i felt ashamed for not telling the truth, i vowed to find him, buy him lunch ,and give him 50.00 dollars too.i checked that street for about 6 months and he wasnt there. i checked every block within a mile, he wasnt anywhere. i went home to watch t.v. , a talk show was on. and there he was, that tattered man, at least i could of sworn. he was telling a story about how he had nothing and how he wished that he would die until an angel came along with a dollar and a dime. with it, he bought a note pad and a ink pen. he wrote his life story and read it to a friend. his friend knew a publisher and when he took a look, he turned that note pad into a best selling book. then that book was turned into a movie, as i listened, my head felt woozy! he told the host he loved his show and he wanted him to find, the angel that had given him a dollar and a dime. just then a knock came at my door, i opened it to see, the man that i was just watching on my t.v. he came in, gave me a hug as tears rolled down his face, "thank you", he said, "with your kindness, you saved my life that day". he said that the episode i was watching was a month old by then, and in that month they found me through my family and friends. he said he never wanted to see me begging and tattered like he was before so he paid me back a dollar and a dime; plus a million more.


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  • 9 years ago

    by shantavia


  • 9 years ago

    by Smilie

    Omg.dis is yo best poem eva....i luved it lol.it was great.keep it up

  • 10 years ago

    by withlove

    Wow that was a great poem
    the rhyming was great and u have really good expression
    good job
    and keep it up

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