Real adventure

by Rachel Moore   Apr 3, 2008

Take away from the modern day
all your fears will fade away
I'll steal a car,you'll drink and drive
it's worth it just to feel alive

simple things are all we need
for all we care we'll sail the seas
forget the road, forget the cars
forget the lights tonight is ours

a textbook life is far behind
what we have found is peace of mind
no bills,or pills or apple pie
no preacher reading a book of lies

we wont be making history
no guts,no glory,no magazines
no expose or nobel prize
no article in the new york times

and this is all you need to know
it doens't matter where we go
or what we do, or do not see
as long as your along with me

ill be your bonnie,you'll be my clyde
forever,and even when we die
ill grab your hand and close my eyes
because ill know we lived it right.


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