The Angel In My Eyes

by A Good Man   Apr 5, 2008

One night,I was outside when a light shine down from the sky,a beautiful presence glowing in my eyes. Dress up in all white,but yet she's in disguised. Lighting up the night for me to see the beauty standing in front of me. It's a feeling inside me that I can't describe,Its like when you start feeling warm even though its cold outside. Mesmerized,mouth open wide,my eyes staring forward,like I'm hypnotized. This beautiful white light,glowing so bright in my eyes. This is a presence only I can feel. She embraced me with her amazing grace while unveiling her beautiful face. I begin to see the true beauty in front of me,disguise no more,her eyes and face I adore. In front of me,I see the true light of my life,which is you.
The Angel In My Eyes.


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  • 10 years ago

    by Lil Mommi

    Your words flow so well. I like it.