Poems About What Is Love

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  • Time and time again,
    I have paired words...

  • Her

    by Glenn Gay

    Her lips glisten like winter ice
    Knowing if I kiss her, my lips will be stuck...

  • Should twenty more of you and all the same
    Proclaim that they are you and you for me...

  • Bonnie & Clyde

    by William Lowe Jr

    I thank God cause by His miracle,
    He gave her life...

  • Sidelines

    by JaM

    These feelings I carry are mine,
    but they do not belong to me...

  • Their Beauty (2) 5

    by Mark

    When I compare my frame to other men:
    I weep, and mirror's glass weeps for me too...

  • Rapture (10) 7 WIN

    by Michael

    Listening to the delicate murmur of your heart
    that echoes without words...

  • Astronomy (1) 2

    by Mark

    Tho' I've no 'scope to witness distant spheres
    Nor fortune, bribing way to travel space...

  • Friday Nights

    by Walter

    Fridays at work are always good
    And goes quickly like it should...

  • Spring 2

    by Vynn

    The sunray is magnificently sweet
    Like a Ponkan dew beneath your teeth...

  • Spring To Last (1) 3

    by Mark

    I fear not death, but death without rebirth;
    For how I'll doubly miss the southern spring...

  • Love Is Part 2 Poem 1

    by Abstract Poet

    Love is infatuation when you are in love with
    someone new your heart skips a beat for someone...