Poems About What Is Love

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  • Gardenias

    by BOB GALLO

    What a night it was!
    Such atrocious human-being...

  • Bonding (2) 4

    by William Mae

    Feel my heartbeat from a distance,
    Hear my whispers in the wind...

  • Anniversary 2

    by cassie hughes

    In annual repetition he came,
    Sorrow sweeping the path before him...

  • Thistle

    by ddavidd

    How life and death
    clinging to each other...

  • For Sales 1

    by ddavidd

    With you I'm begun,
    no more a phantom...

  • No One Stops a Dream (2) 2

    by William Mae

    Would the night forbid us touching,
    Forbid my hands upon your skin...

  • You know what I know (1) 1

    by William Mae

    The sum of all we’ll ever be,
    Charted by the line of time...

  • I know she exists
    I've seen her before...

  • Why

    by *~CaSsYa~*

    Why why why
    Is my mind drowning...

  • The Toast Speech (part 2)

    by celine ribaya

    The white light was shining on me at that...
    So I took a sip to drink that sober chance...

  • Serenade

    by BOB GALLO

    Under the window
    of an unknown beloved...

  • So many love stories already have been told
    That maybe mine won't even behold...