Comments : Beyond a Moment

  • 10 years ago

    by Im not broken anymore

    I really injoyed this... Great job!!!!!!!! 5/5

  • 9 years ago

    by Randy East

    This poem is so true, live and make the best of the moment for it is what we live in, and it is right now, that matters.

    Excellent poem...

    Thank you so much for reading my two poems. I honestly think that your tow reviews made my day. Your comments are truly appreciated and its people like you that make this poem website so worthwhile.

    O love your comments so much I want you to read all of my poems.

    thx again.

  • 9 years ago

    by Hallo A Lilium

    Beautiful perception of the world. You have an enlightening view on this world's painful war against death. It's a natural occurrence.Yet so many are scared of it. It's the fact that what lies beyond can be quite frightening. You may have already created a world inside your mind. The demons of hell. Or the angels of heaven. A fire thats consumes you every day through day and night. Or the serenity of a happy place with no sadness. It could be that both terrify them. It's sad to watch someone pass over into the realm of nonexistence. They fade before your very eyes. Or maybe they never got the chance to live. It's something that I think about daily. What if you never got the chance to live? Would you remain in a parallel universe? Your eyes never opening. Your heart never beating. Never being able to experience a smile or a frown. Never being in love. I think death is fate. Don't let the future haunt and trouble. Live for the present. Learn lessons from the past. The future should never seem bleak. You are alive. And though our earth is in a dire struggle each day. You can make a difference with just a simple hug or smile. I can relate to losing people I love and being afraid of death. I tell myself now that I won't suffer in death. I'll live happily where ever I may go. Because I'm a nice person at heart. I know that there are many faults that I have. But i will be accepted. Because beyond this moment lay a future that holds no anguish. This was a beautiful piece. No suggestions to alter the form or any part of such a remarkably well penned poem.
    Great job :)