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Hello, I'm Lilly!
Idk what to put here exactly..
I'm goin' to type out what ever comes to mind.
I'm basically an entreprenuer of sort's.
I'm very open minded & spiritual.
I was on here before..
YES, that's right I was.
Been a LONG while gone and passed by since.
BUT, Here I am back again for more P&Q time.
I hope you enjoy my new poem's,quotes & self made expression's.
They are who I am and will forever always be!

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  • Age : 20
  • Gender : Female
  • Country : USA, Tennessee
  • Joined : Mar 30, 2009
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Latest Poems By Hallo A Lilium

  • I can't go back on what I used to be,
    I don't want to revive the old meaningless me...

  • My angel lips kiss the turtle dove
    Surrounded by the entity of love...

  • I watched you suffer with your oncoming death.
    There was nothing I could do, I had nothing left...

  • Always looking in a mirror that holds false...
    Lost in yourself & disillusioned about the...

  • Softly it rains and dampens the night,
    an angel sit's on a cloud winded from her flight...

Latest Quotes By Hallo A Lilium

  • When you say goodbye;
    I wave and walk away.
    It's my second chance;
    A lover's quarrel is our last dance.

    10 years ago
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  • Rocky road mountain fairy tales;
    He found me on a muddy trail.
    With misty eyes and a heavy heart;
    He picked me up and blinded me in the dark.

    10 years ago
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  • You rendered me speechless-
    with a violent gesture.
    I made nice and acted generous-
    but old wound's have begun to pester.

    10 years ago
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