Comments : I Can't Tell You (I Love You)

  • 10 years ago

    by Lori

    Omg..this is so expressive and a beautifully written piece...i know exactly how you feel too! Awesome!

    If I tell you that I love you
    Then wouldn't this all end?
    Because I'd rather keep it quiet
    Than risk loosing my best friend

    ^^This line is so easy to understand and I really love your word choice also!^^

    If I tell you that I need you
    Will you stay or go?
    I'm so afraid to say it
    But I really need to know

    ^^Very pretty and and has a great flow to it^

    If I tell you that you're different
    Will you walk away?
    How will you react?
    What are you going to say?

    ^^This whole piece really shows your talent but i really like this line^^

    If I tell you, you're my world
    Will you be afraid?
    Will it end up being
    The worst choice I ever made?

    ^^ I love the stanza on this!!!!

    I love what we have
    But I just can't pretend
    Because it really isn't easy
    To be in love with your best friend

    ^^I LOVE THIS ENDING! Awesome job! For surely 5/5!!