Lets walk the path of love.

by Andrew   May 4, 2008

Between two hearts a deep love resides,
Our women are special to love them we should decide.

Everytime she's down and needs a shoulder to cry, Always share her pain and comfort her soul for a while.

Take a break and call to say " I love you",
You will brighten her day and make her feel special, Forever your fire of love will never be cancelled.

Look her straight in the eyes and whisper " you mean the world ",
She will deeply treasure your sincerity and her love she will give you in return.

She's got a new style, bought a new dress, look fascinated and tell her she looks great,
She will turn on the giggles, a pink blush on her cheek, And with her ego boosted much brighter she will always get.

Most of all hold her close and warm, on her face she will slide a bright smile and answer " i love you dear".


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