I wish you had of seen just how much I needed you

by Elizabeth   May 6, 2008

When my smile leaves my face, you bring it back stronger.
When it comes back because of you, my smile stays longer.
You keep my heart beating, make it melt to the ground.
To hear your pure voice, would block out any other sound.
Your so sweet, so beautiful, no one else compares to you.
The great feelings you bring to me, all the things that you do.
If the darkness sweeps upon me, you fight it away and shine my light.
If I ever knew you were in trouble, I wouldn't give up without a fight.
You mean everything to me, I'd try to keep you from being cold.
I would share with you my secrets, the ones that I have never told.
You are my angel truly amazing, you give to me wings.
So we can fly together, Sharing all the kind and gentle things.
If you cry for my help I will come, and wipe away your tears.
Hold you tight while you shake, and chase away your fears.
I will give a smile just for you, If I knew that you would smile.
I would hold your hand tightly, Stay and hold you for a while.
We can both be each others strength, Catch each other when we fall.
Your eyes are like diamonds, truest beauty's always small.
You don't need to do huge things, for me to be so proud of you.
Because if you try then you have done, the best that you could do.
I hope your dreams keep you safe, and show you to the door.
The door of hope and dreams come true, You lay them on the floor.
Your dreams will never be out of your reach, they will fly above you.
Waiting for you to reach and take one, making it come true.
I know you are strong, I just hope you can see.
That you are special, you bring out the best in me.
I hope next time the wind blows, It brings you across my way.
So I can look into your beautiful eyes, and so that you can stay.
But when you drift back home, with the other stars above.
Never forget I'm thinking of you, and I give to you my love


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Latest Comments

  • 10 years ago

    by Scott

    This is a really nice poem gurl.....u show ur full emotion in this one...wat a great piece of work....=)

  • 10 years ago

    by Forever Broken

    Awww this was so cutee! great job. very well written and full of emotion. great work.

    We can both be each others strength, Catch each other when we fall.
    Your eyes are like diamonds, truest beauty's always small.

    ^^^This was my favorite pair of lines. I really loved the way you worded them Keep it up and I hope to see more from you. thnx for the comment btw. =]
    ~Forever Broken~

  • 10 years ago

    by Andree

    Very good keep up the good work

  • 10 years ago

    by MissBlueEyes

    That is just so cute

  • 10 years ago

    by Holly

    This is probably the best one I have read on here yet...It is truly amazing