Poems About First Love

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  • Sunshine in the winter (5) 7


    Black cloud covers the sun,
    crow hower in the sky...

  • In a bleak winter,
    wilted tree flutter...

  • A rose

    by Elise Methot

    A rose in the dark.
    A beautiful rose in the dark, it's had been...

  • Meet me in Malabon

    by El_Mabini

    May is celebrated again in Malabon,
    were the infamous Bayluhan is on...

  • Now instead of getting your texts,
    I'm sitting in bed With tears in my eyes...

  • This feeling I get is not one I know
    In my life there’s been so many times this...

  • My First Valentine (1) 3

    by cassie hughes

    I can still feel the chalk dust
    as it clogs my nose and infiltrates...

  • Matres Panem (1) 2 HM

    by Vera Campbell

    A cold dread, the warmth has seeped.
    A wondering question leaving me...

  • Mister

    by Kelcie Wright

    D. E. P.
    You are by far, my greatest par...

  • True Feelings

    by Rohit Sapra

    Feelings for you will remain
    Those feelings will remain as they are...

  • A young man was aimlessly walking down the road,
    With a bottle on hand and a look not so good...

  • Soulmate (2) 1

    by Amanda Carrion

    I never took you seriously..
    All them times you tried to explain to me...