Long-time friends

by Dina   May 31, 2008

My dear friends,
The time has come for me to leave
But we will still visit each other, I believe.
We may be distanced apart,
But we remain close in heart.
Yesterday brought the beginning tomorrow brings the end, and somewhere in the middle we became the best of friends.

Please do not forget all the memories we shared together,
The arguments, the fights, the cries and our laughs in the rainy weather.
Life would not be the same without you and all the memories you have giving me,
And that is what I will take with me, locked inside my broken heart to always be.

I will miss you truly, my dear friends,
But this is not where our friendship ends.
I ask myself 'why does it take a minute to say 'hello' and forever to say 'goodbye'?
Perhaps we are scared that we will lose each other forever,
However, I do not believe that, but would you ever?

Do not ever let anyone take my place because they will never face all the times that we have shared, even when we never really cared.
We laughed together,
Cried hardly ever,
Fights? Never!
So, are you going to forget about the memories forever?

I hate that fact that I will have to meet someone new,
But no-one can be as genuine, kind, and loving as you.
You brought light in my darkest days,
'Be brave Dina', so my best friend says.
I will take every cheeky comment, valuable advice, and every loving word you have all said to me,
But remember, you have been the reason I have found the inner me.

Aah! But me? I had my fair reasons to be moody
By now, hopefully, you will know and understand my reason for every word said
But why talk about the bad times when we can spend wisely the time left instead?

So, my lifetime friends, it is with all my heart that I send you my love,
Hoping that you will always carry my smile with you,
My words with you,
Our memories together with you,
And of course, a picture of me around with you

For the last time, I say goodbye to all you my friends,
Do not forget that Dina is always with you, behind you, and supporting you
With every obstacle life throws ahead!

I will miss you, and love you always,


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