by neverendingpain   Jun 12, 2008

You've always said
whats meant to be will
always find its way .
it looks like its found its way
cause here you are back in my arms.
and at that moment our lips touched again
those feelings that i thought had left are
back again . but now I'm starting to
remember what happened in the past .
you was my first love . you broke my heart
yet i kept taking you back . WHY ? .
maybe cause deep down inside i thought that
maybe it was meant to be .
maybe just
maybe this time things will be the way
the were supposed to be at first .
maybe this really is meant to be.
maybe you'll fall in love with me.
maybe she wont come between us again.
maybe you will really love me and only me.
maybe these fantasies will come true this time .


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