Poems About Rekindled Love

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  • The Muse Returns

    by Brad Champagne

    I sit and ponder days gone by
    Forgotten feelings, low and high...

  • Can it be that even
    Hate could shift into something...

  • The day smiles to my window so happily,
    As I sip a cup of fresh milk...

  • An Imperishable Fondness

    by Sherry Caayupan

    A bashaw speaks of my broken heart
    He bawls my easing mind with his auspicious tricks...

  • second wind (tanka) (1) 4

    by Mr. Darcy

    o o o o o o
    lady zephyr flew...

  • I'm sorry that I flinch,
    Although your touch would never land a blow...

  • Beguiled (1) 2

    by Larry Chamberlin

    You cannot entice me with those luscious
    ruby red lips, slightly parted, corners raised...

  • Once More

    by Twolz

    Here you are once more
    Standing here by me on love’s rocky shore...

  • The Phoenix met The Raven

    by Andrew Packard

    One night the earth grew heavy
    motionless as stone...

  • Toxic 1

    by Mrs. Adams

    Why do I keep going back
    To someone that isn't good for me...

  • Queen

    by Aiko (Dreamsurfer)

    You said I cannot handle you,
    Coz am a Goon and you are a Queen Phoenix...

  • The Accordion Boy 1

    by Shoreditchpoet Dennis

    The Accordion Boy
    "He's there again playing that friggin toy," said...