The Pretty Lady

by Libbeeeee   Jun 22, 2008

There once was a lady
Pretty as can be
But she had one problem
She smelt like pee

She took daily showers
And always brushed
Her teeth were pearly white
But still the stench gushed

People always plugged
Their snooty little noses
Whenever the lady walked
Down the street with roses

She had no one to call
Her very own because
She stunk so much
And always broke laws

So that pretty lady
She wasn't very kind
She deserved to smell
And to be left behind

The people of the town
Were ingoring her
And didn't invite her for tea
She was lonely that's for sure


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  • 9 years ago

    by Crystal Rose Blooming

    Pretty funny, great flow till the last stanza. Edit that and it's a great poem:)