My Diary

by DoodlingDaydreamer   Jun 27, 2008

One I had a diary that had turned on me,
It locked itself in my closet and then it changed it's key,
It might sound kind of silly but it was sitting on my bed,
Glaring with it's evil eye's (hoping I was dead!),
It was bored with my venting sprees and my stupid findings,
It was hurt by my doodles laying in it's bindings,
It was sick of my complaining, tired of my fantasies,
All it really wanted was just the right to be free!
So you see I had this diary that had turned on me,
But soon it forgave me and gave me back my key!


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  • 7 years ago

    by iRobbiee

    I really like this its very good my computer is my diary ..oh what if it locked me out cause complained too much.. I really like this

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