Untitiled - Just based on somethinqq personal :]

by qhet like me x3   Jul 2, 2008

The three words that i say tuhh youhh

are "i love youhh," and i mean it too.

i didn't realize when it started ,

i just suddenly tripped, and i fell for youhh .

youhr sweet words brouqht me closer .

my biq smile proved it all .

talkinq to youhh late at niqht ,

made me realize how much i really kcared .

and then it hit me, it struck me like liqhtninq '

i didnt think youhh cared for me the way i did for youhh

so i stopped, i backed away ; ;

didn't talkk as muchh, didn't know what to say .

but now i realize that it was a biq mistake - -

cause' all i want tuhh do is be in youhr arms

and stay there till we [ slowly ] fall apart . . .


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  • 9 years ago

    by Miss Aracelyy

    Heyy i love this 1...qood job!!! :)