YOU sHoulda WouldA cOulda BUT dIDnt!

by Aaliyah J   Jul 10, 2008

I Decide 2 block you out
Sorri but he took ur place n my heart
Then again y am i apologize u shoulda been on ur job from da start
i diD nothin wRong but love u
See HOW that left me BrOKEN
No longer want ur love
Its Different NOW
i'M NOT FIENDIn for u 2 hold me n ur arms anymore
THats his job now...i'm happi
Nd wait before u say anything
Onli person 2 blame is YOU
So start kickin ur self n da azz
For pushin me into his arms
So stop wonderin y i'm leavin
I feel like u should be da 1st 2 kno
nOW Please let me go sto0op ur babi dont live here nomore
I'm changin up my numbaz
So y can't u just leave me alone
When i was there u didnt care....
Its 2 late u was 2 busy 2 stop da tears
U was 2 into ur self 2say i love u....
I'm his babygurl now
HE do da things you dont
He say da things You SHOULDa
Onli reason ur cryin u wish u Woulda
Now hes takin da place you wish u Coulda!!!



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Latest Comments

  • 10 years ago

    by Calantha

    Very Good Job.

  • 10 years ago

    by Loruhh

    I love the last 3 lines, -shoulda would coulda-(:

    You got talent girl!
    Keep it up!


  • 10 years ago

    by Xavier Green

    Thats was hot