My Senior Year Poem

by Alexis   Jul 24, 2008

I can't wait for graduation
As I stand up here in anticipation
Can I have you attention?
Just kidding, I've lost my concentration

Almost time to say goodbye
August to now, the months flew by
Can you believe senior year has gone?
I.. we've waited for this for so long

Finally finishing up with term papers
I know they're full of grammatical errors
British Literature, it's just a class
But it's the on I need to pass

I'm almost through with my high school education
Only a month left, I've started to feel the tension.
So much work crammed into weeks, it's crazy
4 weeks, finals, oh Hawaii come already

When we come back, we'll have to say goodbye
Last 4 years passed in a blink of an eye
With homework and late nights, I've done my part
Now I want my diploma that proves I'm smart

Goodbyes to our teachers, friends, and underclassmen.
Senior year, we'll always remember, with out a question.

"Have the time of your life, It goes by fast"
For the most part i've had a blast
My expectations were far surpassed
Sad this year will be the last..

We signed out names on the wall
Leaving a mark for all to recall
Look around, it's surreal
Well "we're kind of a big deal"


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