First Day Of School Romance

by babyPB   Sep 4, 2008

INTRODUCTION: official first day of school here was yesterday [09.03.08], so last night i wrote this poem about this one special guy...

When he sat right next to me
On our first period class,
For some reason I had a feeling
Of a possible romance.

The moment we glanced at each other,
There was some kind of sign.
The sign on his face, his eyes
Are undenyingly divine.

That was the reason
Why I glanced to my left,
It was just to see this guy's
Stunning pair of eyes.

After every wonderful view,
He looks at me and smile.
I smile back, look away.
The feeling needs to wait for a while.

Within 10 minutes later,
The actions developed to something more.
He kept following me
From the corner to the door.

Everytime we stand,
It's him I see next to me.
Closer, closer, and closer.
We were like peanut butter & jelly.

We started playing innocently.
It was another step for the other.
But before more happened,
The bell rang, class was over.

Nothing stopped there,
We walked to our next class.
I was in Phys.Ed., He's in health.
This meeting won't be our last.

We went to lunch together,
We laughed at everything.
From realistic stuff
To stupid, retarded things.

He walked me to my math class,
Biology then US History,
And then English. Because of me,
He was always tardy.

I don't know what I'd do
Without him around.
He was extremely nice,
I'm glad it's him I found.

Outro: Today at school, we were extremely close. It's such a nice feeling..


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  • 9 years ago

    by rebeccasarah

    *now my heart..
    not and
    that sounds better. haha.

  • 9 years ago

    by rebeccasarah

    Outro: Today at school, we were extremely close. It's such a nice feeling..

    Heres a suggestion:

    Today at school,
    i got the greatest feeling,
    we were extremely close,
    and my heart is more than healing.

    Hope you like it, and the rest of the poem was cute :)
    good for you, and i seen you're quote that said you're now dating? yay, that must be the best thing in the world. Keep it up, and hope to read more poems about this great guy. best of luck to the both of you,
    becca. xo's.